When technology lets energies flow.

Power stations are the backbone of our economy. The very future of modern societies depends on them running smoothly. The building of power stations requires not just extraordinary levels of expertise but substantial experience too.

As in most key industries, the highly complex systems of the energy sector have to be supplied with huge amounts of material, data and energy. This is true for traditional coal-fired power stations as well as modern wind and solar parks. Pressure is exerted on the reliability of electronic infrastructures wherever energy is generated, channeled and stored in large amounts. PUK cable management systems are tested to strict specifications and really come into their own in these highly sensitive environments.

Their outstanding quality and strength prevents fires and explosions caused by sparks or surges from endangering people and operations . When it comes to fire and explosion protection PUK´s resilient and accredited cable clamps and cable support and underfloor systems offer more than just individual components and services – we provide intelligent end-to-end solutions for the entire electrotechnical infrastructure of utility firms. Which is more than you might expect, since our expertise covers every type of power plant.

From conventional coal fired and hydroelectric power plants through modern biogas facilities to modern solar and wind parks.