When safety is at stake.

Regardless of whether flammable substances are manufactured, processed or stored – the oil and gas industry is often exposed to scenarios that are not only challenging but potentially highly dangerous. The threat of explosions as well as extreme temperatures and aggressive substances not only impact the smooth running of a facility but can also put people and equipment at risk.

Which is why there are stringent requirements and regulations in place concerning supply cables and pipes in hazardous environments. PUK cable management systems adhere to the strictest safety standards. They provide high levels of safety to (petro-) chemical facility operators, in particular relating to

  • very high / very low temperatures
  • chemical and mechanical impacts
  • other disturbances

PUK provides the reliable electrotechnical infrastructure required when cable trays and ladders, basket trays, vertical ladders, wide-span and fire protection systems have to contend with these extreme conditions. Planners and operators of industrial petrochemical facilities worldwide put their trust in PUK systems and solutions which are renowned for their quality of materials, resilience of surfaces and safety of installation.

PUK systems use perfectly matching components that protect against harmful influences to ensure the smooth flow of power and data - even in extreme situations. Our years of experience and expertise as well as continuity of the production process serve to protect people and the environment. Worldwide.