New brush channel CHALI: VDE-compliant access in the middle of the room

The CHALI brush channel makes power and data cables disappear invisibly into the floor. Thanks to its special cover, it also ensures VDE-compliant electrical installation in the middle of the room.

The new screed-flush brush trunking CHALI allows power and data cables to disappear invisibly into the floor - and not only along walls and window fronts. With our flexible underfloor system, you ensure VDE-compliant electrical installation in the middle of the room. This is made possible by our specially developed brush cover.

Maximum planning freedom for a discreet power and data supply

CHALI gives you maximum freedom in spatial planning. We have developed the PUK cable outlet flap for our new brush duct. Because the brush outlet can be covered in just a few steps, you can lay CHALI completely independently of the running paths in the middle of the room. No tripping hazards, no danger of accidents - the product is flush with the screed, barrier-free and meets the highest safety requirements. This has been confirmed by the independent testers of the VDE Institute with their test mark.
There are virtually no limits to your ideas for a discreet power supply in dry-cleaned rooms. Our new brush duct comes in a delivery length of 2 metres and can be extended indefinitely via connecting plates. You can cover it with carpet, linoleum or wood. CHALI is loadable with an individual load of 2/3 kN and therefore also ideally suited for office traffic loads.

Increased footfall sound insulation and reliable fire protection

Good footfall sound insulation is indispensable in many buildings. This is why CHALI meets the strict requirements of the DIN 4109 test standard. The brush duct provides sound insulation of 53 dB on ceilings in office buildings and achieves sound insulation level II according to VDI 4100. You therefore receive a high-quality product with increased impact sound insulation.
During the development of a fire protection solution for the CHALI system, the standard Wichmann folding box was combined with PUK trusses. This makes CHALI a tested, high-quality fire protection system.

Can be freely combined with existing PUK underfloor systems

The leveling feet, rubber sleeves, brushes and other product components meet PUK's usual high quality standards. You can easily connect CHALI via empty tubes. Alternatively, the connection to the existing screed-covered PUK underfloor system is possible.  

Your advantages at a glance:

  • VDE-compliant electrical installation in the middle of the room
  • Maximum freedom in interior design
  • Invisible power and data supply in dry-cleaned rooms
  • Free choice of floor covering (stepless adjustment to floor coverings between 0 and 25 mm)
  • Excellent footfall sound insulation
  • Reliable fire protection
  • Independence from neighbouring trades
  • Compatibility with existing PUK underfloor systems