Munich Airport

Munich, Germany

Munich Airports midflied terminal – the first to be built at a German airport – has handled more than 74,000 flights in its first year after being opened. One in five of the roughly 9 million passengers to use the facility since it opened on April 26, 2016 have travelled on intercontinental routes. The satellite terminal is a continuation of the successful joint venture between Munich Airport and Lufthansa. It has increased the capacity of Terminal 2, which is used by Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners, by 11 million to 36 million passengers per year.

Delivered and assembled

  • 690 m wire-mesh cable tray G 50
  • about 42 km cable trays
  • RGS 60 41010 m, RG 60 1149 m, RG 110 201 m
  • about 4425 m vertical cable ladders STU 60
  • 1992 m cable ladders welded, LGG 60